We are a company incorporated by a team of premium meat enthusiasts and specialists.

Since 1989 we have worked in the European gourmet and delicatessen market as importers, exporters, producers and distributors.

About us

We are a Polish family-owned trading company cooperating with suppliers of top-quality meats from all over the world. We specialise mainly in beef and lamb.  In our offer you can find top quality Wagyu beef from Japan and Australia, Black Angus from USA, marbled grain fed beef from South America, EU certified organic beef and many more.

We are also the biggest supplier of imported lamb to retail chains in Poland.

Przedsiębiorstwo Elkopol sp. z o.o. is engaged in international trade. Seeking new suppliers and business partners.

Our daughter company Tendermeat sp. z o.o. operates mainly on the Polish market as a producer and distributor. It is a supplier of premium meat to restaurants and delicatessen on the local market. It also deals with production and portion control of our export products.

Our e-commerce department offers high-quality meat products to retail customers in Poland through online store BBQ.PL.

Wide product range

Premium niche products from beef, lamb, pork, venison to exotic meats.

Trusted suppliers

Carefully selected suppliers to build lasting, long-term business relationships.


Producers and brands that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.

Quality assurance

Superior quality as a necessity. Confirmed by certificates and/or marked by national and regional quality systems.

Customized business offer

product range






Exotic meats

our production

We produce Polish marbled beef from young heifers. We have branded our production as TENDER BEEF, due to the exceptional tenderness and flavor of the meat. Our beef selection guarantees the consistency of our marbled beef products, making it ideal both for retail and foodservice clients looking for a guarantee of the highest quality.

To achieve this, we coordinate the entire process from genetics to distribution. We work directly with proven farmers that offer beef cattle (young heifers) selected for high marbling levels. We require lifestock producers breeding in accordance with QMP quality system https://qmpsystem.eu/, which includes highest standards of animal welfare, best beef breeds, free range and certified high-quality feed.


Our flagship is US beef, and we were the first to import it to Poland as far back as in 2000. The Polish HoReCa market has highly appreciated the quality of this product, which was reflected by sales results and the prestigious “Distributor of the Year 2000” accolade that the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) awards annually to only one company in the world.

We have chosen quality! Which is why we use selected, marbled, and matured beef from the United States for the production of our Black Angus steaks and burgers. It meets the highest global quality standards and offers unique flavours and consistency. The increasing emphasis on the principles of sustainable and responsible farming, and animal welfare laid in the process of beef production is equally important for us.

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why trust us?

Knowledge, specialisation, experience

30 years of selling top quality MEAT

Dedicated offer

Of products and services

The first

Distributor of high quality beef in the Polish market

The leader

Of premium meat sales in the Polish market


Of traceability, quality control and reliability

Client support and care

Marketing support for point-of-sale and digital sales and event marketing


Flexibility adjusted to the client’s needs and expectations

High quality customer service

Reliability and efficiency of delivery

Flexibility and dedicated portion control production

Wide range of unique products

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“Tender Meat is a proven supplier of premium meat, which has permanently established itself on the Polish HoReCa market. I personally value cooperation with them, because they offer exceptional quality of products, as well as individual approach to the customer!"

Jarosław Walczyk
Outstanding Chef and Culinary Expert
Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Gastronomy

“With great satisfaction, honor and pride, I must say that I am enchanted with your products, mainly beef. The quality of the steaks is very, very high. Very professional approach to customers."

Jacek Kempa
Excellent Chef,
Captain of the winning World Barbecue Championship Winning Team

“I have been working with Tender Meat for several years. The selection of meats is huge, and if something is not there, they can make it to order. And they all have a lot of knowledge about the product. Super quality, super service. I recommend!"

Mariusz Jeznach
The legend of Polish gastronomy
Executive Chef at the Intercontinental Hotel

They trusted us

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